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Please Send Your Donations to: Animal Aid Society, Inc., 80 Butler Farm Road, Hampton, VA 23666

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Small Dogs and Puppies

Under 30 lbs

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He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog,
You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the
last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.



Hondo 4.JPG - 18677 Bytes Hondo 3.JPG - 31921 Bytes
Min pin / Male
Weight: 15 lbs.
Age: 3 years
March 19, 2018
His owner could no longer keep him, so this cute little guy needs
a new family to love. He is happy and friendly and would enjoy
any outings as long as he is part of the pack. Come meet him,
and he will be in your next family photo shoot.


Cudo.JPG - 31900 Bytes Cuda 2.JPG - 27705 Bytes
Beagle / Male
Weight: 28 lbs.
Age: 5 years
DOB: 12/1/13
March 17, 2018
Cuda's owner could no longer take care of him and wants him to be able
to run and be happy. Cuda is energetic, friendly and gets along with
everyone. He likes to play with tennis balls and would love walks for
a good sniff around. At the end of the day or maybe during the day,
too, he would like to become a lap dog and just hang out with you!
Come and visit with him, soon!


Fifi 4 2018.JPG - 17777 Bytes Fifi 2 2018.JPG - 27066 Bytes
Chihuahua mix / Female
Weight: 6 lbs.
Age: 4 months
March 15, 2018
A Good Samaritan found this sweet girl wandering on her own and brought
her to us. No one has claimed her, so she is ready to move on to a new
permanent home where she will be loved forever. She would love
to go everywhere you go ... just right size for a pocket!


Cowboy 5 2018.JPG - 48692 Bytes Cowboy 6 2018.JPG - 38724 Bytes
Beagle / Male
Weight: 20 lbs.
Age: 11 months

DOB: 4/12/17
March 4, 2018
Adopted: 24 March 2018


Skittles 3.JPG - 36914 Bytes Skittles 2.JPG - 30438 Bytes
Terrier mix / Male
Weight: 22 lbs.
Age: Approx. 1 year
February 25, 2018
Skittles was a stray and has not been reclaimed. He's a
very happy pup, always ready to play. Are you ready
for fun and action? He's a sweet boy and would
thrive in a loving home with a family of his own.


Josh 2018.JPG - 28381 Bytes Josh 2 2018.JPG - 46529 Bytes
Beagle / Male
Weight: 25 lbs.
Age: 4 years
February 2, 2018
Adopted: 3 March 2018


Bosco 3.JPG - 39651 Bytes Bosco 2.JPG - 37723 Bytes
mix / Male
Weight: 25 lbs.
Age:1 year
February 1, 2018
Adopted: 10 March 2018

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