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Dog with Special Needs

Foster Home needed for Bailey

Bailey 2012.JPG - 24684 BytesBailey, a 6-year old American Pit Bull, is now almost completely blind. A degenerative retinal
condition has robbed him of his sight. He is still a sweet, happy boy who enjoys being with people,
playing with toys and going for walks. He needs a special, compassionate person who is looking
for a great companion.
Bailey was rescued after being thrown from a vehicle and spent his first couple of years is in a home.
When the family moved overseas, Bailey came to the shelter and has been with us since.

Animal Aid will pay for Bailey's medical needs, you provide the love, food and a safe ehome.

Gets along well with - Other dogs: No. Best as only pet.     Children: Older, teens.      Cats: No.

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Airedale Mix / Male
Weight: 59 lbs
Age: 9 yrs

Aug 19, 2001

No matter how much I get brushed, within minutes my hair goes every which way - that's how I got
my name. I get along well with the other dogs and do occasionally play with them, but my very
favorite thing is playing ball. I can run and fetch a tennis ball all day long! My owner had
to move and could no longer keep me, so I'm back looking for another special family.
I'm very protective and not too friendly with strangers; however, once you play
ball with me and I get to know you very well, I could be your BEST BUDDY.
Scruffy is awesome at playing football or any other sport as long as it involves a ball!
He needs a special person who is willing to come to the shelter often and play ball with him
in order to get to know each other before adoption. You would be best friends in no time!

Contact the Animal Aid Society at 865-0511

Located at 80 Butler Farm Road, Hampton, VA. 23666 across from Memorial Gardens.

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